david archuleta: crush

here's david archuleta's first single, crush. it already shot up to #1 on itunes! wow...

i like it! not much of testosterone in it, jk

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  1. i like archuleta's voice than cook though cook is more delicious talaga hahaha. kaso parang di bagay ni archuleta pop. well, that's just my two cents. medyo stiff pa kasi sya siguro compared ke cook.

  2. ahh i prefer cook's voice naman, i like rocker's voice

  3. yeah, cook has a great rocker voice. sexy voice, handsome face. san ka pa? hahaha

  4. David has delivered an amazing first single to his fans, and the public. His superior vocals soar and are identifiable throughout, has a catchy beat.. Hey-> I watched lotsa American Bandstand back in the day :)

    His fans like me find themselves humming along unconsciously, and the verses transport the listener back to those bygone days of school girl and schoolboy CRUSHES... It is relatable, has an appeal across a very broad spectrum of listeners, and should effectively silence the detractors and critics who didn't believe he had mainstream appeal. CRUSH is the catapult for David to continue his growth and evolution as an artist - I ANTICIPATE MANY MANY YEARS OF OUTSTANDING MUSIC FROM HIM.


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