the one about game shows

i know a lot of you out there are very familiar with the successful show called “deal or no deal” (the philippine version), hosted by ever maarte kris aquino, i find the show quite absorbing…it’s interesting to watch how people go far and are willing to go to get to the case with the top moolah prize. so many try to climb those steps, and unfortunately a very very very few succeeded. the word “very” i used is even more i swear!

“deal or no deal” kind of reminds me of another show that ran during my college days, “who wants to be a millionaire” (pinoy version) hosted by that famous filipino actor….. i forgot the name. that show also tested the contestants to see how far they would go before they would take the money and walk away.

how about you? how much does it take for us to keep hiking up the ladder, letting it ride or say, “that’s as far as i want to go.”

in a recent tv time with my familia we had a chuckle or two about the game show.” surprisingly, both of me and my mom would quite easily walk away within the 100 to 150 thousand pesos offer. call us “scaredy cats,” but with each roll of the dice after that, the chances of money windfall greatly go slim and for the most part...diminish, that’s how gambling always ALWAYS works i tell ya….

here’s a retarded question i have for you readers….if someone showed up at your door with a million pesosesos check, and said to you, “you can have this check, if you agree to not do any more significant work in your life.” that means, all other goals are null and void….

you’ll be a bum in short!

would you take it?

a lot i know would take it…

sounds soooo good in theory yeah, but it’s surprising how fast a million pesos can go through some people’s hands. not to mention, does life get weird and uninteresting if there are no goals to strive for? just like the game itself when all the big amounts were already open, ultimate snoozeville di ba? change channel to kapuso

i believe the reason game shows like this are successful is because it forces us to think and weigh things up on what we would do…how far we would go before we would be willing and content to cash out. it’s a great way to examine all our wants and needs. those everyday contestants (yes here in the philippines it’s everyday!), deep down, represent all of us, while the spotlight shines on their blessings and weaknesses. the people who seem to do the best on those type of shows are the ones who know what they want and need before the game begins.

higher banker higher!!! tangina. whatever.


  1. I Deal or no Deal is boring after a while. No skills needed, just selecting boxes.

    I prefer Who wants to be a millionaire. Btw, both shows have a malaysian version as well ^~^

  2. hi acura!!!

    thanks for visiting, yeah deal or no deal becomes so dull after a while

  3. I am an ABS fanatic but I call this game, the frustrating game. Because for the most part, people end up not winning. I guess it all boils down to the fact that human nature is about wanting more and more, most of the players don't know how to be satisfied with the bankers offer which is sure money na>>>>>

  4. @ saling pusa: agree, and dalas mawala ng excitement ng show. greed is indeed a bad thing

  5. i don't watch this because of kris aquino, kung tumingin mula paa hangang ulo ng contestant

  6. i'm not a fan of deal or no deal because it's just pure game of chance, parang ala ka talagang control. nwei with your question re 1M pesos, i think that's not enough bec it'll surely be gone for a year hehe. tsaka if you won't have goals, then you can't invest it so it will just dwindle till it's gone. i'd rather have goals and one million pesos. ^^

  7. You sound like such a together person. Why use the word retarded as slang? It was so disappointing to see this. It's not only demeaning to people with special needs but so hurtful. These are people who aren't as fortunate as you are and can't defend themselves. They are the most vulnerable of our society and deserve our respect. As the mom of a child with special needs I find the word very hard to take. Thank you for listening.

  8. i am so sorry if my use of the word retarded offended you. for me it's only a very tongue-in-cheek use of the word, it's not to be taken seriously and i never ever infinity EVER tried to demean or hurt or mock people who's got special needs. again it's just a word for me and people who are mentally challenged are out of the picture in this blog. and ma'am i also had a family member who's got some mental problems but i am not in any way letting myself down or struck every time i see this word let alone it's not associated or referring to mentally challenged peeps. i only use to word to describe my humor that's it plain and simple. again my apologies ...

  9. aww, somebody misinterpreted your blog *sad*

    i know alex doesn't mean to hurt anyone. :(

    actually, i even thought the title was cool and witty. but i don't have any prejudice also with mentally challenged people.

  10. i think that word can have a lot of power, depending on who is using them and what their INTENTION is.

    if someone uses the word “fag” or “retard” to hurt someone, or as an insult, THAT hits the wrong way. however, if someone uses it in a LIGHT/JOKING manner and the intention behind it is not to make fun of or hurt someone, then it is fine. the same with the word “nigger” or “nigga”. i mean, i’m black, i’m queer, and i have a brother who has mild retardation, and none of those words really offends me, unless they’re being used to hurt or offend. otherwise, they’re just words. and what is comedy or humor if not the act of taking the effect words have on us and using it to make us laugh?

  11. While I realize and understand the Alex is a good person and wasn't out to offend anyone, the truth is that the word retarded even used as slang does offend and hurt. Isn't the point that if it's hurtful then people should take that into account before using it? Another difference is that people with intellectual disability can't defend themselves. Blacks, homosexuals, even physically disabled people have the opportunity to speak out and say whether something is hurtful to them. The beauty of free speech is that I agree that you should be able to use the word retarded anytime you want. My hope is that once you know that it causes pain, why would you want to?


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