the one with real life pikachu!

korean kid: teacher i wanna buy pikachu, but it's expensive
me: you can buy cheap pikachu toys here
korean kid: no, the real one!!!
me: (confused)
korean kid: (sent a link)

japan is at it again, there are 20 real life pikachus being sold online. the seller was claiming to have found a pokemon forest and offered to catch live pikachus for around $925 million (jaw dropped) each through a yahoo! japan auction!

included in the purchase are 3 months supply of pikachu food, a 60 minute training video to help teach new owners how to properly care for a young pikachu.

again only in japan! and it's soooo cute!



  1. It looks like a hamster with fake ears.

  2. actually fake tlaga sha, sinakyan naman ng mga hapones at mga nag-bid

  3. a new specie?

    instead of saying "aww...."

    i said "ha, ha, ha!!!" instead.

    I'd kill to know if somebody had actually bought one of those things (or even the entire freaking story).

  4. ahaha. fake pala. akala ko nakagawa sila ng bagong uri ng hayop. lolz

  5. it's fake! but it's soooo nice

  6. Fantastic pics!!! I love those new species...


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