the one with painted cats!

these cats look sooooo terminally cute painted all over. for sure peta will be furious about this. check them out!

the pianist

squirrel cat

purrr-fect for halloween

owl cat

looks like a cartoon doggie...

pusa ba ako ina???

the gayest cat there is

birdie pussy
it doesn't sound right

fishing cat

looks like a bully cat

plaid cat

more gay cats!

like master like cat

slutty cat

smiley cat

their version of "nice ass!"



  1. OMG, this is soooo cute!! :)

  2. do you love cats?! gosh! ang cute nila but i'm really not into cats... inaagawan nila ako ng pagkain! hahaha!

    i love the plaid and the slutty one! hahaha!

  3. i love cats and dogs! actually mahilig ako sa hayop

  4. ang cute! ahaha. love the smiley and slutty cat. ehehe

  5. hahaha! talk about body paint.... i love the pig cat and the bully cat... hehehe!

    but really, i think, it isnn't permissible to put paint on animals... in any case, they're cuuuuuuttteeee!

  6. @ charles: everyone seems to love the slut

    @ yods: ikaw din!

    @ yeah, animal rights activists will frown upon to this

  7. pig cat and sluuty cat are cuties...

  8. I hate cats and the pictures didn't change my opinion about cats!!! Hahahaha!!! But I must commend the artistic aspect of it. For art's sake, it's cool!:)

  9. @ jasper: hi jas!

    @ cheri: how can you hate these cuteys???????

  10. i was spooked with the halloween cat hehe. such cute cuddlies ^^

  11. oh---most of them looked scary na. dina cute....love ko pa naman mga cats


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