the one with hilarious condom slogans

1) cover your stump before you hump
2) before you attack her, wrap your whacker
3) don’t be silly, protect your willie
4) when in doubt shroud you spout
5) don’t be a loner, cover your boner
6) you can’t go wrong, if you shield your dong
7) if your not going to sack it, go home and whack it
8) if you think she’s spunky, cover your monkey
9) it will be sweeter if you wrap your peter
10) if you slip between her thighs, condomize
11) she won’t get sick if you wrap your dick
12) if you go into heat, package your meat
13) while your undressing venus, dress up your penis
14) when you take off her pants and blouse, suit up your mouse
15) especially in december, gift wrap your member
16) never ever deck her, with an unwrapped pecker
17) don’t be a fool, vulcanize your tool
18) the right selection, is to protect your erection
19) wrap it in foil, before you check her oil
20) sex is cleaner with a packaged wiener
21) no glove, no love
22) got no protection? can’t use your erection!



  1. you make me LOL!
    i like this one
    [no glove, no love]

  2. tents!!!

    di mo na-receive!! i'll resend it

  3. san mo ni send? sa ten_tay@yahu?

  4. natawa naman ako dito!:

    "don’t be a fool, vulcanize your tool"


    parang kotse lang ha? hehe!

  5. @ tents: ay shet parang iba nga yung email

  6. ahehe..nagcomment ka pala dun sa last post ko..hehe! ayun...dinibdib ko nga..hehe!

  7. hahaha... catchy taglines...

    always better to suit up when in battle...

  8. di ako maka relate. i mean uhm fill me in? ;)

  9. ahaha. panalo. ayos na ayos mga slogan na to. lovet! :)

  10. "especially in december, gift wrap your member"

    now this is effing COOL! lol! :)


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