job hunting talk

korean pal: why is it so hard to find a job????

me: yes kinda, but hey our lives are created by ourselves. just go ahead and find your advantages which everybody own in one part. i think everyone has to experience such kind of life, you know bumming and stuff. so do not give up. or else...

okay first, you should clear your thoughts, decide the most desired job you want to.

then, just trust yourself and follow your belief , then you can achieve your goal one way or another.

korean pal: you are smart (wide eyed/awestruck)

me: ako pa


  1. BWAHAHAHA! that ass must be the biggest nerd of the universe! di ko pa nababasa entry mo tawa na ako nang tawa! hehehehe! thanks sa pic!

  2. hi reyna elena! thanks for visiting!

  3. ang angas ng sagot! mas mataray sa entry ko LOL!!

  4. hi chuva! thanks for dropping by!

    shoray ba?


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