the one ranting about office rumors


i always see it as a cheap shot of inggiteras

but since rumors are like natural part of every workplace (it exists incessantly) all we have to do is to deal with it

rumors are always tough to deal with...

but you should try to find the source (and poision him/her, kidding), have a one-on-one conversation with someone that knows about the rumors but whom you don't think is the source. ask them where they think it is coming from and why. once you know that, you can strangle confront the source. perhaps they are just a gossip that misunderstood something. in which case, maybe you can calmly let them know that what they said was untrue and it hurt. if they are truly malicious, then you need to talk to their work superior. if they won't handle it, go up the line till someone does. in the meantime, though, work to solidify friendships in the office and be more social. the more people know you and have a good opinion of you, the less chance there are for rumors to take root.

gossip is fun yeah i get it, but think about this, are rumors still fun if you're the receiving end of the target?


  1. o ba't parang nadaanan ka ng chismis? :P hehe

    nwei, i know the feeling. i've been gossiped about and i admit i like hearing rumors as well. hayz, filipino trait na ata pagiging uzi.

    btw, got a tag for you. hope you answer this one :)
    here it is...

  2. kultura ang chismis. minsan nga na-chismis akong bakla. charot! hehe

  3. you'd notice in my blog, i've been a victim as well... just recently...

    yeah, it's human nature to talk about other peoplpe and their lives... but decent people talk about it within the privy of the group... such as barkada pep talk... and not to malign other people...

    thing is, some small-minded idiots thinks that they can just go around gossiping and pretend they're hot shots that they can get away with it...

    so what do we do about it? we address it head on... oh, the sweet revenge of seeng their dumb faces not even able to defend themselves.... hahaha! the sweetest vindication ever...

    some must learn that when they indulge into gossiping, art of war is a requisite... others are just silly...

    to hell with rumormongers...


    have you seen MAMMA MIA? if not yet, oh your missing a lot... hehehe!

  4. naging biktima na rin ako ng mga tsismis. mga ilang beses na din. madalas di ko na lang pinapansin, ang sinasabi ko na lang, mga sikat na tao lang ang pinagtsitsimisan palibahasa walang kwenta mga buhay nila kaya buhay ng ibang tao ang pinaguusapan at isa lang masasa bi ko, ika nga sa gossip girl, "you're nobody until you're talked about"

  5. hehe. onli in d pilipins. :)


  6. haha. parang post ko ng rumor has it. ganyan din yung pic. kaso yung thought di ko inelaborate. ginaya ko lang yung style ng linya sa gossip girl. haha.

  7. @ner: just ranting, wala lang

    @jericho: it's an ugly culture

    @prue: da hell! korek

    @yods: that's a positive way to look at it

    @nobi: it's omnipresent i guess

    @madz: ah tlaga you got the same pic?? ang cute kase kaya ko nikuha

  8. As for moi, I tend to be more vindictive than confrontational. When somebody starts a flare in the office, I get back by burning that person's room or cubicle...and with that person roasted in it.

  9. hay naku. ewam ko ba. it seems really that for some people, it is a career to successfully spread gossip. i don't mind the snoops and the showbiz reporters, it is their job. but sa office, nge, please lang mind ur own business!!!

  10. @jake: i love arsonists

    @posh: very well said!

  11. uhmm ewan ko lang ako kaya ako pumapasok ng office ay dahil sa tsismis yun ang buhay sa office.

    ang punto lang ay simple kung ayaw mo ng tsismis wag gumawa ng pag tsi tsismisan. kung walang usok walang apoy.

    karamihan ng tsismis ay totoo base yan sa observation ko.

    hindi maiiwasan ang tsismis parte yan ng pagiging tao, lalo nasa office putah naman lagyan naman ng kulay ang office.

    ako oklang sakin ang pag tsismisan dahil wala namang ma tsi tsismis sakin, dahil boring ako.

    uhmm hindi inggit ang dahilan kung bakit nag kakaroon ng tsismis: simple lang dahil may napag uusapan, dahil may mapag uusapan.

    simple lang ang rule ng tsismis kung ok lang sayo ang ma tsismis at confident ka naman sarili mo, then go for tsismis pero kung ayaw mo ng tsismis eh di wag kang makinig, unless deep inside curious ka rin kung ano ang latest tsismis

    ------- xoxo phillip

  12. basta dun ako sa lower box , dun ka sa general audience!


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