the one with gluta

when i said i'll take it, i seriously mean lalaklakin...

i actually don't wanna get whiter, it's just that i had severe breakouts on both arms. yeah on my arms! how crazy was that, they're now healed, but they left dark spots and i want them to be wiped out, from afar i look like i just recovered from chicken pox, from two steps away i look like a dalmatian bitch, kidding...

it's good thing i didn't have pimple attacks on my face, but still...

now i feel awkward wearing tshirts, now i always overlap it with a sweater...

and i hate sweaters and jackets, i mean c'mon pinas is having a tshirt weather, and i don't want my pits bubbling inside overlapping outfits under the sweltering sun.

soooo i've heard met can even out my color, my friends (who tried it) are like... glowing!

i hope i can go back to looking artistahin... ASA!

for more info about met tathione CLICK HERE!

to buy sam's jumbo hotdog, go to sm hypermart. or sa mga suking tindahan.


  1. met/gluta is an anti-oxidant, whitening is just a side effect -- but it's desirable though, kaya lang mahal.that's why our teacher shifted to that soap thingy that was said to contain gluta components hehe. gusto ko rin pumuti, kelangan pa makapag.budget hehe

  2. I can recommend you a cheaper yet effective gluta :) but before that, want to ex-link? LOL!

  3. alex penge naman. gusto ko din mag glow. hehehehhe!

    kpag lumunok b ko ng bumbilya mag glow din ako?

  4. dat sam product, is it real?

  5. Mag-Perla na lang kaming mga walang budget.

  6. @leoj: sure buzz me up when you linked me

    @tentay: next time papa-contest ako gluta ang price

    @menace: yeah that's real, meron sa mga groceries

    @anino: masakit sa skin ang perla

  7. i'm really curious about met and gluta. i have planned to take it myself but i'm such a chicken. i hope you blog about the effects of met once you've tried it. :)


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