the one with harry potter

here are some of new pics from the 6th harry potter film

wow! it's the half blood prince! already! time does really fly so fast... matatapos na pala siya sa movie version...

i've read harry potter 1 through 6 at least twice, but i haven't read the very last part. and i miss them already! kaya shhhhh..

photos: just jared


  1. talaga?! wow!

    you better read the last book na...

    twice ko na binasa pero naiyak pa rin ako the second time.

    i'm keeping a copy of the movies and the book for my son to watch and read pag marunong na sya. :D

    btw, may tag ako for you sa blog ko.

  2. ayayay! wen is it coming out?

  3. november 21 in the US??

    i'm not sure when are they gonna release it here

  4. Blog hop!

    HBP will be shown here on Nov 20. Can't wait! I've read all 7 books more times than necessary; the stories just never get tired! Please do read book 7, it's SOOOO good!

    And I love your entry titles with its homage to "Friends", right? :)

  5. OMG i'll buy the book 7 na nga! i hope there are still some...

    yeah, got it from friends!

  6. hi! i can't wait to see the 6th installment! harry potter...sana may book 8 pa. :)

  7. BIG WOAH!!! cant wait.. waaaah.. nagiging bata na naman ako.. hihi..

    tama.. read book 7.. kakaibang feeling.. haha.. adik..

  8. i seriously love hp!!!!!!!!!
    i cant wait to watch this movie!!!
    la na akong ginawa kundi bumili ng books ng hp ^_^..
    the last book.. first sweldo ko sa people support buy agad..

    i love this series.. great plot!
    nice post!!!

  9. @eideweiza: exciting nga yun, but i think the story has to end na talaga, the end makes eveything more meaningful ika nga

    @caleb: me rin bata na uli

    @shzainzy: gosh kaadik siya eh

  10. wow, can't believe how much everybody in this movie has grown!


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