the one with phoenix

Photo by:Dave Bullock

Phoenix Lander has touched Mars!

It's always been my childhood dream to travel to space.

But I guess it'll be just a dream...

Thanks goodness for Sky in Google Earth, it's sooo cool it brings stars in your fingertips!

Anyways those peeps up there sent the first signals from Mars!

CLICK HERE to hear their celebration

UH! how cool was that?

Wish I could do the same...

Guys if you see God there? Tell him I've been a good kid and make me rich!

Hehe, I remember as a kid I thought God was in a big cloud sitting right outside Earth. He turned out to be so complicated...

AHH! Enough of this blahs!

YAY for Phoenix Lander!

Source: Wired.com


  1. yeah! That is so cool! I guess every kid has gone to the stage where they wanted to be an astronaut. I know I did.


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