the one with the rubber boy!

contortionist daniel browning smith, better known as the rubberboy has taken body bending further than any one has bended before. he can bend to where the sun doesn't shine! joke...

he can bend in all directions! he can bend forward, backward, dislocate his arms, bend his torso 180 degrees. he's very bendy that he can bend so far he can kiss his own butt, no kidding! check it!

rubberboy has three guinness world records for his bending thing. great! i said bend too many time...



  1. very entertaining but may prove to be a turn-off among women...... not a boy material

  2. hehe, let's ask the ladies if this one'll turn them off

  3. This maybe a good episode for Prison Break!

    Wait til Osteoporosis hits him! Hahaha

  4. ah hahaha

    wag naman, dito sha kumikita

  5. wah ang galing hahahaha!!!! astig


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