the one with some japanese inventions

the japanese are not creative, they just copy….' this prejudice often crops up when you ask ________ people about the creativity of the japs. however, japanese industry is at the leading edge in many industrial sectors and one cannot adhere to this prejudice any longer. their creativity is interesting from two points of view. first, japanese industry is very competitive and the success cannot be explained by a single factor, like low wages or production costs. secondly, there is a big difference between japanese and western civilization and a comparison shows cultural influences on creativity in understanding and practice. and yeah of course i may add, the craziness of this bunch...

janitor baby! why not??

no need to blow

no falling anymore!

do not mistake this one as a roll-on deo

the girl has some serious shoes issues
(see? i-shoes?)

too cute to eat...

hmm makes sense....

this one doesn't

breastmilk is still the best

for secret losers..
gosh this is like desperation: lowest of the low!


  1. alexxx hindi ko talaga narereceive pix... =( sa ten_tay@yahoo.com mo po isend. huhuhuhuhu.

  2. i need the last one! NBSB! Ecccckkk! Hahaha!

  3. @ tents: ayyy wala pa rin??

    @ bena: no bf since birth?? hehe

  4. ayaw maki-share ng payong nung isa hehe

  5. kailangan ko nung huling invention

  6. @ kalil: hehe, thanks for dropping!

    @ charles ryan: yung girl version of ganyan din?

  7. i need the one that keeps the head from tilting...

    and i love pooh... so i want that poohbear toaster...

    and to feed my fancies, that breastfeeder is a MUST... *giggling* talk about delusions... hahaha!

    but i definitely don't need those phony huggies... hahaha! i've a living hubby... woohooo!!!

  8. hehe ang daming me gusto nung lang

  9. gusto ko nung toilet paper holder pero yung nakakabit sa ass! hehehe!

  10. bwahahaha natatawa ako...lalo na ung may tissue sa ulo waha

  11. galing nila mag imbento ah

  12. nyahaha. napamura ako dito ah. ahaha

    kawawa naman yung baby. ahaha. at yung babaeng may plastic sa payong hanggang katawan muka siyang multo dun. ahaha.

  13. napakadesperado naman nung last pic... gawsh!


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