david cook concert in manila

it's gonna be early next year but wth...yay!!! half of the year has passed by and i didn't even feel it, sooo the waiting won't be that long. and as the saying goes, good things come for those who wait, i know it's not connected to this post, i just like how it sounds!

from: INQUIRER.net
A surprise announcement from David Cook himself had his web fan site buzzing with excitement, especially from its Filipino subscribers: “American Idol”’s Season 7 champ is coming to Manila for a concert.

...he announces “We just booked my first show, post-‘Idol,’ Jan. 27 in the Philippines … a one-off show and then we start the tour in the States …”

w00t w00t!


  1. sana bitbitin nya si little diva david when he visit philly.

  2. hahaha

    fetus archuleta!

    i love that kid

  3. you know what band ive been waiting for to have a concert here and if they do i will work extra shifts just for a VIP ticket?


    ... DASHBOARD! feeling ko mamamatay ako pagkinanta nila ang Stolen sa harapan ko! wahaha. sana magconcert sila!

  4. haha tsaka SNOW PATROL! T_T yung mga gusto ko di pa nagcoconcert dito. mga walang balak ata. hehe. susulatan ko nga. haha.

  5. yeah snow patrol!!!

    me career pa ba sila?

    i haven't heard of them for a while ah

  6. oo nga eh. pero fave ko talaga yung sa spiderman nila. yung signal fire. hehe. yung mga magaganda nawawala na. napapalitan masyado ng pop. hehe.

    wui, may ym ka or kaya friendster? para hindi tayo dito nagchachat. haha.

  7. ah haha, yeah ym, legend_windfall


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