project lafftrip laffapalooza 2008

there's an ongoing search for the philippines' 10 best humor blogs at kwentongbarbero.com. and because i love mr d. THISMUCH i'm gonna join in and vote! so here are the bestests humor blogs for me...

1. DEAR DIARYA of MR. D - amusing, entertaining, enjoyable, exciting, pleasurable(?), cool (slang), great (informal). his site is of my "blog idols" even wayyy back then (nung pareho kaming nominees sa phil blog awards 2005 at parehong natalo). he makes sex terms and the word putanginamo sound so scholarly kaya love ko sha!

2. KWENTONG TAMBAY of BATJAY - two words "kwentong" "tambay". yun na yon...

3. MY NOSE BLEED of CHUVANESS - she's wentworth miller's girlfriend in her own world. in short me tama

so there if you wanna support your fave funny blogs or yourself (if you're such a loser) CLICK HERE!

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  1. wow.. thanks for the info. got to check these sites :)


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