smoke as art

it's fascinating how an elusive substance could turn into a WHOAAAA form of art!

i wonder how many bulbs did irene muller blow up to make these ammmaaaazzzzing shots..



  1. whoaa! amazing shots! super resourceful ka talaga hunting for super interesting posts and photos like these!

    im sure if you're also here in beijing, andami mong mahuhuling blogworthy moments dito!

  2. astig... promise... galing nang pag ka pitchur!! =)

  3. i like smoke :D
    the smoke like blow out from my mouth wahahaha

  4. OO---galing mo talaga maghanap ng mga interesting pics and articles Alex. You always have something new that's why people keep coming back.

    Nice pics. It was further enhanced because of the dark background...

  5. @ spool artist: hey enjoy the beijing experience!

    @jhammy: yeah it's so astig

    @cumie: that got me thinking!, i hate smoking but i kinda like the smoke going out of someone's mouth

    @menace: super!

    @saling pusa: i wanna learn how that dark background is being done and the lighting too

  6. oooohhh....luv d art, galing!:-)


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