the one with restroom signs!!!!

it's very common for us to see restroom signs around the metro looking like this....

boring, typical and safe...

now let's take a look around and see the most unique , crazy, bizarre restroom signs out there and hey they're creatively cute too!

"most" men? so what about the "some"??

i can relate!

roger rabit theme!!!

crazy koreans!! hehe

look at the girl's legs... exagg

voo doo dolls!


it's all about the boobies

this is how little red riding hood found it out!

loving the red tissue paper

kiddie party plates???!!!


from japan! the guy on the left is shivering. lol

no idea why pigs...

looks like they're pissing on the floor

... and the girl's supposed to be giggly

victorian style! sosyal


another instructional! more detailed one!


ugh! i have to pee (should i really have to say that???)
have a great pissing and sh$&*#^ng!


  1. natawa ako dun sa huli PRAMIS! bwahahaha! pero kung makakakita ako ng ganun dito, siguro magdadalawang isip ako pumasok! ahehe!

    very funny post! just love your site!

  2. i know!!

    the last one's hilarious

  3. Those are a very funny sign. I cracks up looking at it.

  4. The last is one is simple yet totally funny!!!

  5. Yeah, I like the last one. Makes you think GREEN,kkk. Where did you get all of these Alex? Fun pics....

  6. wahahaha. kakatawa naman yung last. actually all of them are funny. =) haha. nice post. miss you all na T_T.


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