the one about joy

photo by: HERSLEY

there are bajilions of peeps out there, i myself included, who have a hard time allowing good personal feelings to accumulate inside over a prolonged period of time. i don’t know where it’s coming from, but for some reason, many of us have a very hard time feeling good about ourselves, no?

it’s almost as if we’re doing something wrong. (what’s wrong?)

there seems to be a little voice at the back of our heads giving us advice like “who do you think you are feeling this way?”, “saya mo ngayon ah, bukas sige ka”, or “you must think you’re special? well…”.

well, i don’t quite know why many of us do this to ourselves, but how many of us have been stopped moving forward to do a lot of good because of these so-called one-liners?

i myself, being agnostic, do not believe that god wants us to live an existence of excruciating pain here on planet earth. god wants us to enjoy life…to find our higher self and rejoice in it. it’s not about self-centeredness…it’s about giving and caring for others, as well as ourselves…

the body, mind and soul need sustenance and at times, happiness. not allowing yourself to experience happiness diminishes your opinion of the value you have in this world. each one of us is important and has so much to give. evil itself goes to great lengths to beat up on us…we don’t have to continue the process di ba???

i now i now easier than done, but does prolonged desperation/emo-emohan do us good?

i’m also not a big believer in the idea that to be a true christian you must suffer. even keeping a positive outlook many of us suffer enough. for me, to give in itself has tremendous joy. to not accept this joy is to diminish the giving.

to give is to receive and to receive is to give…. i thank you bow


  1. *clap clap clap* (standing ovation) hehe :D

    i, state your name, firmly believe in this advocacy of happiness. my motto is to be happy. nothing else ;) mataas na pangarap ang maging masaya ah haha :D

  2. (tears flowing)

    (waving left hand)

  3. alex... papromote.. hehe salamat!

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  4. dam, are you part of this movie???

    mukhang interesting ah

  5. an lalim!

    one thing, parang ganyan mukha ng anak ko pag tumawa! harhar!

  6. i love this. so humane. =) nice job. one motto i believe about happiness is that happiness has no key. the door is always open. bow.

    and, oh.

    the one that really rally really caught my attention ...
    bajilions. whew.

  7. @ponching:you've got a cute kid then ^^

    @madz: nice!! we only got deeper in depression as we allow it to be... i love bajillions word too hehe

  8. ouch... guilty... hehehe! we go through phases... we just have to live with it...

    part of what we call "life"...

    and like they say, 'this too shall pass'...


    off to camiguin next week... it's a start for me...

  9. @ damdam: pretty interesting... are tickets now being sold?

  10. @prue: ang sarap naman camiguin! enjoy the trip!

  11. alex.. wala. alipin lang ako diyan sa pelikulang yan.

    prue...uhm, di ko sure kung nagrirelease na ng tickets ang UP.. =)

    try mo tawagan 926 3640


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