movie: the dark knight

i don't know where this country is heading, but i deffo know whe're i'm heading to! to the theater to see the dark knight! yay!

here's what the bloggers say! Ner's, Kuya Kevin's , Azrael's....

and of course from everyone's reference, rotten tomatoes, they give 94% rating to this flick! MASSIVE!


  1. yey!!! we watched it last night. it was very long!!! but my husband loved every minute of it.

    well, i was behind his hand most of the time, because i don't like to jump on my seat lol

    anyway, it was a good movie, but not the one for me last night because i wanted something light. but at least my hubby and i spent some time together.

    go watch it! :)

  2. god i love the movie sooo much!


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