fart silencer

Fact, everybody farts. But there are some instances that people can’t do it in situations that when we do, we feel like going under the earth, like in a date, job interview presentation blah blah…

Fortunately, a Chinese guy named “Big Chicken Mushroom” from WuHan, China, has invented the “Fart Silencer”, that you can put uhmmm….. yeah.. “there” so that you can have the liberty of farting without ensuing awkwardness/hilarity.

The “Fart Silencer” is a small tubular plastic with small perforations on one end and an open end on the other.

So here’s how it goes, FartyMcfarts are instructed to insert the open end into their a*holes (excuse me) when they feel a fart is coming. This would get rid of any unwanted fart sounds.

But what about the odor??

Users can to spray a cotton ball with their favorite perfume and put it into the “Fart Silencer” to eliminate any unwanted odor of mass destruction. How cool is that! Below is the demonstration of this amazingly weird product…. With a mouth of course…..

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  1. that won't definitely find its way up my ass anytime soon. geesh... the thought of it just gives me goose bumps! hahaha

  2. watda... ano yan pigilin mo muna fart mo so you can use it? this might be the solution to the global crisis hahaha.

  3. @ loven: LOL

    @ neri: yun rin naisip kung magpipigil muna hehe

  4. yikes!!!!!!!!!!

    weird product

  5. like spool artist i can't imagine sticking it in my ass

  6. oh gosh ang weird nito!

  7. that thing aint gonna shove in my ass...same size as an An*l didldo.

  8. ...


    I have no words, except, will ANYBODY use that EVER?

  9. hahaha

    ewan ko

    sa instruction pa lang kaasiwa na pakinggan

  10. products are getting stranger and stranger!

  11. erm, pipigilan ko nalng magfart >.<

  12. Nothing should go up anyones ass...
    Only shit is meant to come out....
    See the size of that thing???


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