lego recreation of classics

balakov's fickr photostream showcases very cute lego recreation of classics...
how many of them can you still remember? well i don't know these because i'm THAT young, hehe

check out these cute shots

recreation of henri cartier-bresson's "behind the gare saint lazare"

astronaut buzz aldrin on the surface of the moon in 1969 - photograph by neil armstrong

alfred eisenstaedt's 1945 photograph "v.j. day times square".

diego maradona’s ‘hand of god’ goal during the quarter finals of the 1986 world cup between england and argentina.

robert capa's 1944 photograph taken during the d-day landings on omaha beach during world war II.

ian bradshaw's 1974 photograph of streaker michael O'brien at twickenham during the england-france rugby match.

famous still frame from roger patterson and robert gimlin's 1967 film footage of bigfoot.

malcolm browne's 1963 photograph of thich quang duc's self-immolation in protest over persecution of buddhists in south vietnam.

soviet war photographer yevgeny khaldei's 1945 photograph of the red army raising their flag on the german parliment building, the rechistag, at the end of WWII.

lewis hine's 1920 photograph of a power house mechanic working on a steam pump.

richard avedon's 1982 photograph of model and actress nastassja kinski wrapped in a boa constrictor.

a lego starwars themed take on marc riboud's famous 1967 photograph taken at an anti-Vietnam protest in washington
visit the flickr account here. there's more!


  1. Too Fun! You are never too old to appreciate legos.

  2. so true rocque! now i wanna buy a new set ^^

  3. FANTASTIC! i love lego since i was a kid and in fact i still enjoy them till today.

    gonna spend some fun time with my kids and our lego set right now ;)

  4. hey ai-ling can i play too???

  5. grabe! ang bilis mo naman mag-post! maya't maya ka yata ng-popost eh! hehehe!

    ang cute ng lego. never in my life na nakapaglaro ako ng ganito. puro kotse at helicopter ang laruan ko nung kabataan ko. hehe! ang naalala ko lang eh yung sa "moon" pati yung "man over water"

    hehe! cute :)


    thanks for visiting and for the compliment. the names came from one tree hill but the story is entirely fictional. hehe! akala kasi nung iba ako si tlga si lucas. ehehe!

    ahh.. yung PR. sinabi lang sakin ni redlan pero hindi ko parin magets maxado how it works... hehe!

  6. ako rin walang idea about how pr is being computed hehe

  7. i hafta hav a new lego set!

  8. i saw the one with the steam pump sa isang photo catalogue but the others di ko rin alam, i'm young too !

  9. Cool stuff!
    I used to be an avid Lego fan...

  10. i'm also too young to know the classics he recreated but you can see the beauty. i heart lego too ^^


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