the one with funny nature

nature never cease to amaze me, i mean it's one of those things that makes me hold on to the idea that there is, indeed, a god (gods?)...

most of the time it looks sooo divine, but sometimes mother nature has some humor too! check these ...
gosh i remember one time when i was living in caloocan city, there was this annual gay beauty contest every fiesta, sometimes their answers can really blow someone in astonishment...

host: what can you say about mother nature?
contestant: hindi po "nature" ang pangalan ng mother ko, bebe po.
translation: my mom's name is not "nature" but bebe
huuu waaaat?!



  1. again, the pictures are amazing. the women trees. thats how you determine gender of trees. haha and i love the 'rock' hugged by the woman. hahaha

  2. THE PHOTO'S ARE nice and creepy at the same time.....

  3. wow..astig nung mga pics...pinakagusto ko yung first and last pic. they really look like women...galing!

    so is dan really gay?


    thanks for the flattering comment nga pla. kinilig ka ba? hmmm... baka nakakarelate ka..hehe!

  4. no he's not , it's just a career move

  5. lookie how that woman grab that hard long stone.

  6. no wonder it's standing like that

  7. sa narnia ba kinunan ang mga puno at prutas na mga to? eheh. nakakatuwa naman sa kakulitan. :)

  8. galing galing talaga ni mother nature. :D

  9. i love the first picture...

    natawa nmn aq dun sa gay pageant story...

    mga bading tlga... sooo FUNNY!

    alala q tuloy ung introductory phrase nung isang gay sa pageant...

    "Hello Philippines and Hello World!

    Presenting, ang babaeng hindi pwedeng hawakan bka d mo bitiwan. ang babaeng di pwedeng tingnan bka iyong hahanap-hanapin. ang babaeng INOSENTE sa tingin ngunit HAYOP ang dating...

    Ruffa Guttierez po, 21, VENESWEYLA!"

    oh db, BONGGA! ROFL! :))


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