the last house standing after hurricane ike

ray asgar, a private helicopter pilot based in austin, texas visited gilchrist and galveston monday to take pictures the damage left after hurricane ike slammed the coastal area last weekend.

the lone yellow house caught asgar's attention. he said it was the only structure standing from miles. considering the extent of ike's devastation, he said, it was "odd to have nearly any damage to one home.

wow. my heart goes to the victims of the hurricane. sad...

btw, the house on top used to look like this...



  1. wow, it almost looked like a dollhouse stuck in the middle of a muddy stream... it's amazing how this house survived! we better call his contractors...

  2. looks like the i-reorter is saying the truth. And it's really odd. The house must be very sturdy.

  3. grabeng materials nitong bahay na to, para na nga lang sya dollhouse. sayang it used to be soooo beautiful dun sa last photo

  4. i evacuated from Galveston with only a few things with me. They haven't opened the island yet so until now i don't know what's happened to my house.

    On wednesday they will start allowing people to go back. i don't know what to expect.


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