the one with toilets!

restrooms here in the 3rd world are among the scariest places you'll ever be in... most shopping malls don't even have toilet wipes in it !!! ( more !!!!) , okay that's exagg you can get some but of course you have to buy in those vending machines... how inconvenient right??? and the tissue papers are so small (you have to buy i think at least 6 pack?) it's not enough for a ginormous crap! you'll end up having "peanut butter" smudge on your hand or arm or finger tips!

anyhoo, i stumbled upon weird toilet pictures... enjoy!

the most expensive toilet paper!
fresh air while doing #1 and #2
for group sessions
words are not needed...
for work without break
why wait in line???


  1. ayus ah, cge post din ako ng my yellow sub

  2. the last pic was hilarious!

    oo nga naman, bakit ka pa pipila if pwd nmn s likod...

    hekhek! :)

  3. @ wanabi: what's yello stub?

    @korek hehe

  4. hehe look at their shizz green

  5. i want that toilet tissue :D

  6. Mas gusto ko yung 2nd to the last post.Since I now work at home. Seems to be a good idea. Pagawa kaya ako nyan sa bahay. Kaso katapat ng room ko sala. wawa naman yung mga nanunuod ng Primetime bida sa gabi....kkk


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