the one with ?????

Leaders of Communist Party got irked of the new Indiana Jones movie because they think it is promoting crude, anti-Soviet propaganda.


Evgenii? What's your take on this?

Well, for me it's just fiction, and not to be taken seriously. I think there are bigger issues that need to be addressed...

I remember how Filipinos were gnashing their teeth because of the anti-Filipino remark on Desperate Housewives. The ABC Network and the Producers of the show released a statement of apology, and those OA flips were saying "the sorry wasn't enough"

When is enough "ENOUGH" when it comes to apology????

Months after that there's this Cebu Scandal.

The incident involved a patient at VSMMC whose rectal surgery ended up in the popular video-sharing website, YouTube.

The footage showed the surgeon and nurses giggling and cheering while a perfume canister was being removed from his rectum after it got stuck there following a sexual encounter.


Desperate Housewives peeps got so vindicated...

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