the one with which one?

Aside from my job, i've always wanna start a small business aside.

I got this crazy idea from Mark So of Businessmaker Academy few years back when he held this entrepreneurial seminar (? hope my spelling ability serves me right) in La Salle.

He said it is very prudent for someone not be complacent with just a salary, but to build other streams of income. I thought he's right since anything can happen in this unstable world and I don't wanna be the super-poor-jobless-good for nothing creature I was 3 years back....

Well those difficult times were really a huge learning experience for me.

I've realized what I can do best and what I earnestly desire.

Soooo now aside from working as an English Trainer (my english sucks big time), I want to start an online store for shirts designed by my friend and I. I always have a knack for graphic arts and it's my ability that I think I under use ..... I need an outlet for that and I thought why not channel my creative juices to something and earn from it....

One of my pals is also managing an online store and her profit is unbelievable....

Hope this one works for me too.. No, I have to work for this to work, am I making any sense?

As I was browsing "teh internit" I found this site that listed Super Value Franchise Concept Inc. franchises (say that for 10x continuously and you'll have a better twang!)

It's HERE!!!

OMFG (Oh my freakin goodness, Okay???) A lot of them are quite affordable, the digital camera I was eye-ing was wayyyy more expensive...

With just 15K royalty I can start my own one (I know there are still some things that need to be considered financially like the rent fee of the location etc etc, but heyy I think it's still worth investing). I want a food business since I like (edit) LOVE food.

I really really want to venture on these two so if they'll be a hit I'll have a couple of money making machine.

But yesterday, my "annoyingly-positive-look- at-very-bright- side-of-thing idea was shaken up when I talked with my Korean friend who's an economist.

"If you want something to succeed, you have to focus on that. You have to choose one and put it. That's one of the Laws of Economy..."


So now I'm up against the Law of Econochuchu......

She's got a point though......

WWOD3X (What would Oprah do???) (What would Oprah do???) (What would Oprah do???)

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