trouser expander!

feeling small and have an extra £4.95 left over from your xmas money and want your peepee to look whoa!!! then try trouser expander.

from the boystuff:
Great for those cold water 'shrinkage' moments, for impressing the ladies, or for those who have been teased in the locker room a little to much for their own self esteem!

All you need to do is inflate the pouch using the handy rubber pump for some impressive enlargements – with no surgery, pain or bogus medications!

Enlarge yourself to a whopping 8”, with a girth beyond belief!

this is a hit to cocktail parties!



  1. omg, haha will you get robbed after "expanded" your trouser? or maybe you get more chics hahaha

  2. it's attention catcher for sure

  3. that's so strange

  4. luckily i don't need that hahaha

  5. @ mike: you don't have to brag

  6. haha---reminds me of Christina Aguilera's song---- they must talk so big to make up of smaller things----here---must pay big to make up for smaller things---keke


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