2009 gemini forecast / yearly astrology forecasts

So what's in store for me (gemini) this 2009? I got this astrology site from RN PINAY and read about interesting bits huge things that "might" happen to me this year...

from: mitabhan.com
Successful progress are the keywords for Geminis this year. Whatever you have been working towards will begin to show results. Past experience, personal contacts and completed projects may all give rise to opportunities at this is time, and this is the year to build on the foundation already laid. A favourable year for those in the business of communications, there is a promise of achieving your long held dreams.

Support may come your way in the form of helpful advisors, allies, mentors, financial aid or family support. In fact, whatever it is that you want to do this year will be met by encouragement and support. A good time to demonstrate your powers of leadership, remember your sincerity of purpose will be on display to a wider audience, they may be watching you closely – just get busy and don’t let them affect your productivity. International alliances and travel are favoured with this card, and if planning to make a trip overseas, 2009 may be the year for to do it. Those seeking to study overseas may just do so, and if you’re planning to learn a new skill, by all means attend the class or workshop. Healthwise watch out for overexhaustion, do take time out to rest and recharge your batteries. Your love life will also take a turn for the better, if single, you may meet a number of potential partners and if married, your bond will become stronger. Remember to trust your gut feel about something or someone, If there’s something you know you can do, just do it, and if there’s something you’re doubtful about, drop it. Your lucky gemstone/crystal is the emerald and all shades of green will bring you good luck in 2009

cool!!!! i'm gonna "the secret"ize these things, who knows???

what about you?


  1. balato ah pag mayaman ka na

  2. hahaha magdilang anghel sana si mita bhan

  3. That's great!!! Good news for Geminis like us...hehehe


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