pimp your food

"do not play with your food!" we often hear this from our moms, but it's just soo fun to pimp our food right?

1. remake edvard munch’s famous painting “The Scream” (from ice (s)cream, of course)

2. make a bust of the most annoying star wars charactr ever, jar jar binks from potatoes

3. tired of paper airplanes? make a cute little plane out of your fish

4. play with your omelet until it becomes a little scary to eat

5. make preserves... with a twist:

more food pimping
this art is called foodscape, you know landscape but they used food instead, whatever. a very cool the art made by carl warner. on the pics are french and italian cuisine paradise destinations, yum!

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  1. nakakatakot ung star wars..nakakasuka haha


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