britney spears is yahoo's most searched term this year

yikes! she did it again. britney has topped yahoo! 2008 year in review. yahoo! announced the most widely searched terms, themes, and trends as part of its yearend survey. results were estimated via billions of searches of through yahoo!

from yahoo!
The singer's steep trajectory to redemption restored her to the top of searches. Her year began with a police visit, hospital stay, and psych evaluation. She returned under her father's shelter and, by summer, settled custody with her ex. Professionally, she guested on a sitcom, won thrice at the MTV Video Music Awards, broke records with "Womanizer," relaunched her site, and released a documentary detailing her fall and comeback...by age 27.

here's the rest of the top 10!

2. WWE
3. barack obama
4. miley cyrus
5. runescape
6. jessica alba
7. naruto - YAAY i luuurve naruto!
8. lindsay lohan
9. angelina jolie
10.american idol



  1. I saw this one this morning and it was really surprising to know that WWE topped Barack Obama despite ,millions of dollars spent-----

  2. wow Britney rocks...ako rin I love naruto, lalu na ung Naruto PSP, kasu hindi ako manalo nalo sa fight...huhuhu


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