now me / young me

color wars came up with a very cool contest idea, which is to take your kiddie photo and recreate it in the present day. hence the name youngme/nowme. check out some of the entries...

brilliant right! i want to do it but i was too cute as a kid as i look horrible now.. you know i avoid people asking me "what happened??" and i avoid killing someone too. anyways you can join the contest here!


  1. That's a good one, especially the first one with the matching clothes.

    My pics when I was a kid were all in my bday suit so I don't think it would be appropriate to make a present-day version! He he.

  2. yeah ang galeng ng idea

    now i'm excavating some kiddo pics of mine, gawin ko to next time hehe

  3. the first one is so adorable ))))

  4. ang cool gusto ko rin magrecreate ng kiddie pic, kaso slut na ang dating ng modern

  5. sweet ung sa couple.. couple sila right? since bata ano na sila naglalandian hahahah

  6. what a fantastic contest and the photos are wonderful Alex..
    I'm going to pop over and check it out now :))

  7. lol..
    couldn't help smiling when I read your sidebar titles..
    love em !!

  8. @ superboi: i think they're siblings??

    @ kim: thanks for dropping by, why don't you take your pics when you were little and painting and your pics now, painting.. that'll be great ^^

  9. ang cool ang idea!

    wanna try that this xmas ^^


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