worms crawling in the brain!

a mom in arizona was told she has brain tumor, but the mri showed that there were worms!!!! crawling!!!! around in her brain instead!!! they're the pork tapewoms, a person can get it from raw and undercooked pork, and if you forget to wash your hands... yes... watch!

wash your hands regularly kids


  1. grosss!

    pati bulate ngayon nagmamigrate na mula sa tiyan papuntang utak... tsktsk...

  2. at dahil geeky ako sasabihin ko ang scientific name ng pork tapeworm: Taenia saginata... err...yun nga ba yun??? Taenia solium yata! ahaha! whatever! hehe!

    this is reminder that we should prepare, cook, and store foods efficiently.

  3. siguro maraming pulitikong mahilig sa raw pork.

  4. yakkkk! nako pag sa pinas yan, baka undiagnosed o misdiagnosed. pero nice post ah. great info about handwashing

  5. yikes! this reminds us to always clean our hands before using it in put something into our mouth.. katakot to ha..

  6. two letters in a non-standard form of word or non dictionary term -EW.

    i feel wordless today but im back

    how are u?

  7. Really strange... On the brighter side, at least it's not the Big C...


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