swimming with crocodiles!

it's one thing to share a bar with a teeny tiny crocodile but soon tourists visiting the northern australian city of darwin will be able to share a swimming pool with a full blown/grown crocodile too!!!

crocosaurus cove theme park has seven crocodile enclosures with underwater viewing areas, and one with a swimming pool next to a viewing window so you'll be able to feel a bit like you're swimming with the crocs (like you'd want to?).

but scariest of all is the cage of death (yes that's the name)--a clear acrylic box that tourists can get into and experience a huge crocodile snapping at you. perhaps they toss him a human every now and again to keep him happy. but it's cruel! it's like you're teasing a kid to devour on the cake but the cake is inside a glass box or something, ugh! doesn't make sense...

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  1. this is really scary! altough we have a similar thing going here in the philippines. Here, they call it the House of Representatives. Must be a sub-specie or something.

  2. laki ng mga bwaya katakot. I hope those cylinders are strong enough to withstand any attacks from those crocs....kundi, patay kang bata ka

  3. @ emman: i totally agree with you!

    @ denis: hehe

    @ pusa: cguro naman matibay

    @ charles: you need help haha

  4. not something i would do for a living,, but i'd definitely love to try it once!

  5. OMG!! I already freak out with that idea of entering the water with those big creatures.

  6. wah katakot naman./..pero parang gusto ko try haha...


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