let's all be kids again! blog action day 2008

today is the blog action day and bloggers were asked to take a stand on the issue of poverty. i don't like complicated solutions and i'm a person who believes that the hardest questions of the world are answerable by a yes or a no. so in the issue of poverty i'd like to take on what kids would do to for this matter...

If I could do something to make a difference in the world it would be to give each child in the world a good education. I would build schools and hire teachers for children and adults to learn to read and write. I would donate notebooks, pencils, and workbooks. These children would also have clean water to drink and healthy food to eat. Having a good education means that there would not be people who are poor or dying of hunger. When we have an education we get better jobs which means we can buy food, clothing and have shelter. It would be one way to eliminate poverty in the world. Children are the future of the world and if they don't have a good education, more and more children will suffer and possibly die. Every child and adult should have an opportunity to be able to make a difference in his or her own life and education is an important way to achieve that goal. That is what I would do to make a difference in the world.

If I could make a difference I would start an organization to clea up the Earth and invent a machine that would clean up dirty water for poor countries. I would also develop a machine that could get rid of trash without polluting. This would help the world because poor people would have clean water to drink and people would have clean air to breathe. I would see to it that there would be more parks and trees so that the trees would use the carbon dioxide in the air and give off more oxygen. This would benefit animals and fish because the water machine I invented would clean up the pollution. Whale and dolphin populations would increase if the water was cleaner (and we didn't have ocean dumping of our waste). We could also eat more fish because it would be cleaner.

My machines would be inexpensive so the government could afford to use it. Clean water is important for animals and fish to survive. My trash machine would be efficient so that it would not be necessary to have so many trash dumps. We could have more habitats instead which would help protect our ecosystem. I would work very hard to develop this technology. It is so badly needed.

If I could make a difference in the world, I would help the homeless and their children. First, I would help the homelss parents by helping them to apply for jobs. I would help them to keep a record of the days they worked and help them get to work. I would try to find a job that would interest them and would have something to do with their experience.

I would make sure they did not pay rent until they had been working long enough to save some money. Once the adults had jobs, I would try to help them save money for their children's education. I would also help them to handle their money so that they would not go into debt for more than $50. The homeless need encouragement and I am sure there are people willing to help. With help and encouragement from others, if you think about it, the homeless might be able to work and help themselves and become productive members of the community.

remember as a child we also had these simple, pure, unadulterated thoughts for the world's poor?? and what's really amazing is that they form inside our heads with genuine sincerity! now if only we're able to hold on to that thought...

but it's not too late, it's one of our purposes in life to change this world for the better and it doesn't really need a very complicated formula to start things kicking off....

feed the hungry

educate children

give low cost medical assistance

stop the war


simple things like these will help to save the world. the ripple effect of a thousand kind gestures….spread across the spectrum of humanity. it doesn’t take much to change the world….just the desire to do it. let's all be kids again...


  1. kids can give clearer opinions most of the time.

  2. World Hunger Year co-founder Bill Ayers will be my guest on News Talk Online on Paltalk.com at 5 PM New York time today to talk about World Food Day.

    Please go to my blog at www.garybaumgarten.com and click on the link to the show to talk to Ayers.


  3. @ charles: yeah i know

    @ gary: thanks for the tip!

  4. hey alex, sory lagi ako off topic. lol. thanks thanks sa pichur nasa frenster ko na dati dati pa. mwah muwah!! im backkk!! wooot! (i think? lol)

  5. I am a kid... So I can relate to this. :)

  6. sometimes kids made more sense than adults..

  7. totoo nga ang sabi ni dr. seuss, adults are obsolete children. (ayaw ko na maging matanda.)

  8. so--it's blog action day pala kahapon. I didn't notice. dami kasi isip e atsaka....sahod day e....keke


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