obama assassination plot

goodness gracious. some douchebags (daniel cowart, 20, from tennessee, and paul schlesselman, 18, from arkansas) hatched a plot to assassinate obama. to accomplish what exactly????
the alleged plotters were also planning a "killing spree" that included shooting 88 people by gunfire and 14 african-americans by decapitation, with the attempt on obama's life as the "final act of violence," according to an affidavit filed by a special agent with the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives.

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  1. Have you noticed? Everytime Obama's being attacked with some issues, something always happen...

    Is this called "self induced controversy to divert issues and gain sympathy" tactics?

  2. Sickos! There are many such groups in America, and if Obama wins, expect more attempts on his life from white supremacist groups.

  3. Well, diversionary tactics are pretty popular in politics. Famous ones so far are William Ayres and telling people that Obama is palling around with terrorists and of course getting campaign buzz by getting barbie as your running mate.

    Peace :)

  4. it's sad to know there are still some people/creatures like these...

  5. @ kris: well kailangan tlga ng politicians mag-ingay minsan...

    do you think it's staged??

    @ monaco: sickos to the max

    @ dale: gosh dale who's william ayres??? ang dami alam sa politics! i agree with ya

    @ charles: i know, where does their hate come from kaya?

    @ denis: i love the guy

  6. offshot ng skinhead culture. meron din skinheads dito sa pinas, di nga lang white supremacists. (eh di kung white supremacists mga yun nagka-mass suicide na).

    anyway, may discussion sa blog ni howie severino regarding racism. basa basa!


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