She Said YES! After She Pooped It

Reed Harris wanted a cutesy memorable proposal — but he probably should have choreographed his little proposal a little better. He hid the engagement ring in his girlfriend's Wendy's Frosty — and then he and his friends challenged her to a race to see who could eat their Frosty first, and yes she accidentally swallowed the ring, more than a simple proposal story to share with their family and friends!

"I mean, I was taking huge bites and swallowing," Kaitlin Whipple said. "There was no tasting at all. I get to the end and everyone starts staring at me with this weird, worried look on their face, and I have no clue what is going on around me."

Eventually, she said yes. After pooping the ring....
They survived this! Anything that'll come along during their marriage will just be like a small piece of sh..!