bizarre eyelashes! (or feather duster?)

thanks to shu uemura eyelashes has been taken to new heights low...

but then again, there's still a positive about it, it's in time for the halloween! so yay!

a pair of costs from $13 to $43 with the top-end eye candy sporting real feathers. what's more, they seem to be selling well! you like??



  1. feather duster that is! hahaha! crazy lashes!

  2. parang ang bigat niya sa mata

  3. hala! kamusta naman yun!? hahahaha! parang kapag sinuot mo yan ang hirap ng ibukas ang mata! hahaha! mukhang prone pati sa mga lisa, kuto at crabs... hehehe!

    feather duster nga yata yan eh... hehehe!

    peace out!

  4. I'd be terrified of one of those little feathers breaking off and going into my eye. OUCH.

  5. imagine to pag nabasa ng ulan! or imagine the dust and grime if you spent the whole day commuting by bus sa EDSA... ambigat nun! lol

  6. the girl looked asian.. sa asia ba nanggaling ang thought or fashion na ito? tsk tsk tsk


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