55 million dollar johnny depp!

the chicago sun times columnist bill zwecker is reporting that disney is dying to get johnny depp to reprise his role of captain jack sparrow in the upcoming 4th installment of the pirates of the caribbean franchise. they've gone hardcore offering him a whopping 55 million dollars!oh.my.god. making johnny boy the highest paid actor in hollywood...

from chicago sun times:
Thanks to his latest deal with Disney, Johnny Depp has leapfrogged past Will Smith to become the top-earning star in Hollywood. According to Forbes magazine, Smith was last year’s top earner — taking home an estimated $80 million overall. Depp already was No. 2, at $72 million, but now the actor will clearly move into the lead. According to a Disney source who spoke to this column, Depp’s agreement to make a fourth ”Pirates of the Caribbean” film, star as Tonto in the new big-screen ”The Lone Ranger” and portray the Mad Hatter in director Tim Burton’s new ”Alice in Wonderland” will put the popular star on top. It’s mainly because Depp will also get the biggest-ever paycheck for an individual film: a reported $55 million for the next ”Pirates” flick. That surpasses the previous top earner, Tom Hanks (at $49 million), for the upcoming ”Angels & Demons,” based on Dan Brown’s novel. Before that, Jim Carrey held the record for an individual film — $39 million paid for ”The Cable Guy” back in 1996. That film’s less-than-blockbuster performance led to a big re-evaluation in Hollywood about the skyrocketing paychecks for major stars. Matt Damon now reportedly gets a not-too-shabby $29 million per picture (largely thanks to the ”Bourne” films’ successes), Brad Pitt commands between $20 million and $24 million per picture and Tom Cruise gets up to $30 million.

that's a lotta money, considering all those global economic recession hubbubs. i knew it i should've been in showbiz industry. wtg depp!



  1. no problem alex. pero feeling ko redirected naman yata yung old URL mo sa www.retardedsnotebook.com kasi i didn't change anything on my blog links pero everytime i click on it automatic naman na pumupunta sa site mo. :)

    haaay.. salamat at hindi na mahirap i spell. nag-nosebleed kasi ako sa leviusque eh. :) congrats. :)

    by the wa, i sooo lurv johnny depp!

  2. thanks thanks!

    i know medyo nosebleed nga ang leviuqse haha

  3. whoaaaaw

    some people are wayyyyyyyy luckier than most

    ang yaman

  4. yes and some are born wayyy richer too! wala nang effort di ba hehe

  5. Hey, I would love to see you in Hollywood, so why don't you just try?

  6. haha omg!!!
    now i would consider it more!

  7. makes you wish you were an A-list celeb in hollywood... oh well...

    i edited na din yung link ko...congrats sa new site.


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