the one with hairstyle ideas

i never had a cool COOL haircut, i've always had those geeky coiffure since wayyy back, i once sported semi-bald haircut but it's not for me, see my hair is like strands of metals that when i cut is short as it grows longer it's just standing up!

i wish i could do these, but i think with my age (27) i'll look like i'm in the middle of psychological crisis....

..... and my favorite

...... i wanna have a tattoo too! and a piercing on the eyebrow, i always thougt it's cool. but i'm worried u;m gonna give my mom a heart attack...



  1. coooooool... i just envy that guy with a tattoo by the side of his eyes extending to his hairline... very cool..

  2. wow! favorite ko na rin yun! pero parang hindi bagay sakin ganung gupit... it's so not me. hehehe! cool post! :)

  3. @ prue: galenng no?

    @ ron: ugh tell me about it, the shape of my head is not soo good with this hairstyle

  4. hahaha! sakin yata medyo flat sa likod. hahaha! mukhang ulo ng janitor fish kapag semikal! hahaha!

    nagcomment ka pala sa post ko. thanks for the compliment..again :)

  5. the patterns look good. but still looks messy for me. guess my probinsyano attitude is getting on me again.....


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