celebrities as dolls!

two days ago i stumbled upon realistically made joker actions figure, which is freakishly awesome, i'm lookin' all over the toy stores yesterday but to no avail. can't shop online.... no credit card and... i'm not yet to acquainted of paypal know-hows.

anywayz, dolls are getting more and more lifelike! here are some of NOEL CRUZ's creations... he's got a veryyyy remarkable talent! it goes without saying... i mean look at the dolls! who needs the real thing if you have these! imagine what you can do to them perverts! kidding, i think they're great collection. one angelina doll was sold for $3,350 in june! talk about moolah out of creativity!

angeline jolie

annie lennox

kiera knightley

daniel craig

tobey mcguire

kirsten dunst (looking normal and healthy)

nicole kidman

johnny depp

do visit noel cruz's site click here!


  1. omg. the dolls are so adorable. hehehe.


  2. oooOOooo.. i love the jolie n kidman doll....... so preeeeety...

  3. they look very similar to the stars they represnt. I hope there will be one for presidents. I would love to see and owb a PGMA doll.kekeke

  4. wahahah bading na bading si johnny depp haha..cool ah

  5. @junjun-riko: yeah angie and nicole dolls are so pretty:

    @salingpusa: and noel cruz is a filipino!

    @sendzki: haha

  6. cute!!!

    bakit yung mga pinoy hanggang Jolina at Flor de Luna dolls lang?


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