the one with global warming

global warming! see the pics.... ang scary

it's been raining continuously here in manila but it's not like before. wayy back if it's raining it's cold and it's freezing to take a bath in the morning, but now it's not as chilly... i've read that the glaciers in greenland are melting twice as fast as expected oh my. seriously we need to freeze and reduce carbon dioxide emissions now. we are all contributors to global warming and we all need to be part of the solution.



  1. instant lechon! wow...

    ang bad eh no?

  2. ay bad nga, good luck sa skin cancer

  3. let's go green!!

    before the bagyo parang summer nun ah grabe

  4. really scary... but funny! hahahaha!!

    on more serious note, did you know that if the glacier of greenland completely melt, it may stop the SO called 'OCEAN CONVEYOR' in the North Atlantic and may result to the Big Freeze--- another ICE AGE!!!! learned about in Al Gore's documentary an inconvenient truth...


    thanks for commenting :) hays... we all dream. and we dream that all our good dreams would come true. well, reality is a bitch, isn't it? nothing hurts more than the truth. but still, it's the truth that could set us free... :)

  5. @ charles: tell me about it

    @ ron: i haven't seen that docu, i'll pick it up this weekend

    yeah truth always set us free. wala nang baggage baggage

  6. I donno that you are already a member of greenpeace....since when Alex?kkk


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