the one with philippine team in beijing olympics!

break their legs pinoys!!!
best of luck!
bring home the bacon
show 'em what you've got
yo yo yo uh uh uh


  1. hahah! wa u sounded more aggressive than the players haha!

    Hope everything goes smoothly for this summer games, after so many unfortunate incidents that happened recently in China.

  2. gudluck pilipinas!!!!, go, go, go 08-08-08!!!

    Sabi, lucky daw ang araw na ito, kaya pinili yung date na to for the olympics...pero sabi din ng iba, malas din daw kasi 08-08-08 is ghost month, according to chinese tradition din...pero whatevs!,
    basta, gudluck nlng sa lahat!

  3. @ eunice: i luv to rap haha!

    anyways yeah i hope everything goes smoothly and everyone to go home in one piece after this, jk

  4. @ nyanya: 080808 oo nga no?

  5. gudluck philippine team!

  6. mark javier is a sillimanian...his name is all over the pages in our weekly newspaper, banners congratulating him are hanged in their college and nakakatuwa haha, im proud of him...and of the others who're currently representing phil this olympics...sayang di ko napanood ung opening!!! wahaha


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