the one with philippine all stars

the philippine all stars won the 2008 world hip hop championships!!! nice one!

and unlike the big time blogger i know, who's very irritated / annoyed / vexed (and everything synonymous to it) by their hollering of "filipino! filipino!", i loved this group's performance, i think there's nothing wrong by doing that di ba? ....well it's her blog.....

more that that i like this group's spirit, i watched one of their features on tv, and man oh man, they're super short of support and budget.... but they emerged victorious! vindicated much! and on top of that they made a lot of us SO PROUD!

BTW they have a documentary on youtube, chronicling their story before the prestigious contest. IT'S HERE


  1. waaahhhh alex!!!! galing nilaaaa.. woohooo!!

    i miss dancing :(

  2. walang sabit. galing! nakakaaliw tingnan


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