the one with blog adik

my stats... ang weird no? it's like a rollercoaster, it shoots up and down top ten things that indicate you need a life aside from blogging

10. use up your first silent morning hours checking your stats to see who was reading your blog at 2:18 a.m. when you’re done, check 4:47 a.m. and 1:31 a.m. too.

9. read the feeds for the exact idea you will write about, rather than just looking for food. when decide all of the good ideas have already been done, because you know that five seconds ago someone took the last one.

8. keep your mind alert on all of the things you have to do and how little time there is to do them. check the clock often to see how behind you are in getting them done.

7. don’t prioritize or make a plan.

6. answer every comment, me sense man o ala, as soon as you get it. while you’re there, think of the ones you might write and write them before you do anything else

5. if you finish with comments and it’s still the same day, read other blogs that have no relationship to yours. in fact, choose blogs in a language you don’t even know(preferably malaysian, it's austronesian language like tagalog so it's easy to feel the meaning) . when you stop to eat lunch, clean the refrigerator.

4. as you read and comment on blogs, notice how much better every other blog is. but do not compare it to your own because you'll get depressed, we're not all gods like bryanboy or yugatech or starmometer....

3. spend hours tweaking your template over details no one will ever notice.

2. when you finally sit down to write, know you will have writer’s block. think about it. talk about it. then watch the clock.

1. count your value as a human by links, technorati authority, alexa ranking, stats, number of comments and google pagerank


  1. okay nga hits mo eh hehe

  2. great...very informative for a newbie like me.........

  3. hmmmm... not a blog adik here... hehehe! just that writing is an outlet... booohooo... hehehe!

    oh well, i confess... i'm now an adik to yours...

  4. isa ko sa nagpapaangat jan. lagi kita puntahan :)


    san mo nakuha to?

  5. hahaha... i think i'm beginning to be one too!


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