Where's the Oscar!

One of the latest internet craze these days, Can you spot the (something) brain teasers. It's like the "Where's Wally" of today. The latest one is this, spot the Oscar trophy in the crows of C3POs! I tried it and it's a struggle! I hope Leonardo DiCaprio finds him. Crossing my fingers..

Oscar Trophy C3PO


Oh Math!

tricky math equation

So there's this number problem that once again proved that Math is such a polarizing element to all of us! The equation goes, 6 - 1 x 0 + 2 / 2 = ?

Some say the answers is 1 but other are yelling the right one's 7. So what's the freaking answer? Check this video below by MindYourDecisions and find out.

Oh Math! You did it again!

Source: Curiosity

Madonna sings Crazy For You after 30 years!

Madonna granted the Filipino fans' request, sings Crazy For Your after 30 years!

Crazy For You - Madonna Live in Manila
"That's the first time I sang that song on-stage in 30 years." - Madonna granted our (Filipinos) request. Here's a clip of her singing 'Crazy For You' in its classic version during Day 2 of the Rebel Heart Tour in Manila. ❤️
Posted by MANILA BULLETIN on Thursday, February 25, 2016

Back and Bacon!

I need this! We all need this!

Potato Bacon Pie(Cookat today?)
Potato Bacon Pie :)
Posted by Cookat today? on Monday, February 22, 2016

So I'm back! From outer space! It's been quite a while since I actually blog blog, Life hit me in the head, plus crazy schedule (read: procrastination) happened. Now that the blogging bug big me once again, I think I'm gonna do this thing more regularly. Hope you enjoy visiting here!


Zombie Apocalypse Halloween Prank

11 Drunk Guys

Prepare for scary hilariousness. Eleven drunk guys decide to play the video game Slender, prepare for some serious hilariousness.


what group projects teach me

and yes! lesser grading for the teachers!