Man Swallowed Scissors

A Chinese guy swallowed a pair of scissors accidentally when he LOLed big time while using them as a toothpick...

Mr Lin, 27, from Putian, had to be taken to hospital to have them removed, reports Straits News.

His wife said her husband was chatting with friends after breakfast while using a small pair of scissors as a toothpick.

"He gave a big laugh on hearing a joke from a friend, and unexpectedly the scissors slipped inside his throat," she said.

The man tried to cough the scissors back up again but that only made the situation worse.

Dr Chen Wei said: "When he came in, his face was twisted, pale, and sweating. The patient was having difficulty swallowing, and blood was mixed with his saliva."

X-rays showed the 9cm long and 4cm wide scissors had fully entered Lin's oesophagus.

Doctors feared a general anaesthetic would relax the throat muscles and allow the scissors to travel down even further so they used a local anaesthetic and carefully removed the scissors with forceps.

"The whole operation took around 30 minutes. Luckily Lin does not have much of a wound inside his throat," added Dr Chen.

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