Replacing World Landmarks With Souvenirs

Most people when they visit a tourist attraction, they take home a little replica of the place to remind them of their trip. Then there's Michael Hughes, who loves to take pictures of the world's famous landmarks and blend it with souvenirs.

Born in Britain and now residing in Germany, 56-year-old Michael Hughes is a freelance photographer. Hughes started this thingie back in 1998 and has accumulated over 100 fun pics using this blending technique in 200 countries he visited!

"I noticed coffee cups from a shop near the Statue of Liberty had the statue printed on it, so I poured my drink on the floor, and positioned it in front of the statue. Since then, taking the pictures has developed into a hobby and a passion to the point where I have been taking trips recently just to photograph a souvenir next to its landmark."

Cool work!

Check Michael Hughes' site HERE