Prince Harry's Pink Nails

Prince Harry shows that real men wear pink! The young Royal was spotted out on the town this weekend showing a set fingernails painted a bright color of pink, but only his left hand though. New trend?

From: Dailymail
Over the years the Royals have entertained us with a variety of style faux pas – but never before has one been seen in such shockingly pink nail varnish. Not one of the men, at least… Prince Harry turned up at Raffles nightclub in London on Friday with the garish varnish on the nails of just one hand, his left. Although the bizarre fashion trend has been sported by celebrities including Al Pacino, David Beckham and comedian David Walliams, guests at the club said Harry’s painted nails were the source of much hilarity and gossip. Whether he had done it to mark Comic Relief day – or even to go with the red striped boxer shorts that poked above his jeans – remained open to speculation. “No one knows why he’d painted his nails and the fact that he’d painted only one hand was even stranger,” one guest told The Mail on Sunday. “It looked most bizarre and Harry seemed a bit embarrassed by it. He kept slipping his hand in his jeans pocket.” Although he was trying to keep a low profile, the Prince’s unusual fashion statement caused him to stand out like a sore thumb. He arrived at the nightclub on Kings Road alone just after midnight and headed straight for the club’s VIP area upstairs. According to sources at the club, the young Royal was escorted into the venue by a Royal protection officer and stopped briefly to chat with Arabella Musgrave, Prince William’s ex-girlfriend. “Harry arrived quite late at about 12.30 and didn’t even acknowledge the bouncer when he lifted up the access rope,” says a fellow guest. “He clearly wanted as little fuss made as possible about him coming to the club so no one knows why he was wearing pink nail varnish. He spotted Arabella across the dancefloor and they chatted for a while, then Harry was shown upstairs. There weren’t many people up there, but he didn’t want to be in the main area. He had some drinks with a few friends and left at about 3.30 in the morning.” Harry, who was drinking Vodka Red Bull and Vodka Apples during the night, will no doubt be removing the nail varnish before he returns to his Army training ground at Middle Wallop, Hampshire, tomorrow morning.