Alfie Patten is NOT The Dad!

He's not the dad! He's not! Run Alfie! Run and don't look back!

Remember Alfie Patten, the 13 year old dad? Yeah, those DNA test result has been released, and he is not the father. The 15-year-old mother's family manipulated this whole circus to make some media shit frenzy and earn some moolah off it. Ugh! You people!

From: Medindia
DNA tests on Alfie Patten, the 13-year-old boy alleged to have become a father when he was just 12, show that he is not the baby girl's actual dad.

The 300-pound test was conducted on him after half a dozen boys claimed to have slept with schoolgirl pal Chantelle Stedman, 15.

Although Alfie was convinced he was the dad after a single night of unprotected sex with Chantelle, the DNA test proved the 4ft-tall pupil was not the father of her seven-week-old tot Maisie Roxanne.

According to the Mirror, Chantelle had told her half-sister Jodie O'Neill, 17, that her daughter's father could have been one of the boys she slept with at her parents' home in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

The paper further reveals that the teen girl also said that her mother Penny had ordered her to keep saying that she has been a virgin when she slept with Alfie, from Hailsham.

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