Super Mario Papercraft

I love Mario! And wow this is the first time I've seen a cool papercraft model of popular game character.

The papercraft model is followed from the game's most famous scene; Mario jumping up to nudge the question mark box in order for it to spit out an item (a gold coin, a mushroom, a power up, blah blah blah). In this particular model, a gold coin actually pops up as you move the lever...

You can DOWNLOAD THE MODEL HERE, and try it yourself, if you have so much time in your hands to waste, but at least you have a Mario Papercraft model which is pure awesomeness!

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  1. i remember being called at the principal's office way back grade school when i brought my game boy on exams week, i was in a hurry to finish my test so i can play while others are still answering. thats the best feeling haha


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