Sheyla Hershey has the World's Biggest Boobs

Sheyla Hershey’s massive 38KKK breasts have set the record of being planet earth's biggest boob job!!!!! The 28-year-old housewife and model has undergone nine boob enhancement operations to get colossal mammary glands!!!!! Okay too much exclamation points there I can't help it!!!!!

And even though doctors have warned her that her breasts are in grave danger of bursting, she didn't care. She had went to Brazil for her last op because US doctors refused to handle any more of her surgeries. The Texan girl said: “To me, big is beautiful. I don’t think I have anything to worry about.”

Her British ex-bf started paying for her plastic surgery, but she left him after he begged her to stop. wtf...

She said: “I loved him very much but I had to leave him to follow my dream.”

Follow your dreams!!!!! And that is your inspiring story of the day!!!!!

Check our her gallery here LINK NSFW



  1. wtf?! why would someone want to have boobs like that?!

  2. 38 "KKK"

  3. As far as I can see on the website there is nothing on her site that has nudity. Just a pretty girl with extremely large breast that are covered up.

  4. OMG, those things will break her back? I thought this Japanese girl Miyabi Isshiki was big until I saw Sheyla.
    I guess everything is bigger in Texas!


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